Review for Water Heater

I hired Drustar Plumbing to replace my gas water heater. This company is an example of what we wish all service providers would be. Stanley arrived on time and I would spend the morning watching him work. His workmanship was of the highest caliber with outstanding attention to detail. He wanted every step of the installation to be perfect and took every precaution not to scratch or damage anything during the removal or installation. After the old heater was removed, he thoroughly cleaned the stand and drain pan before installing the new unit which showed me how much he respected my house. He’s the most honest person that I have ever hired to work on my house and was very helpful in showing me the operation and care of the new unit. Lastly, he made sure that I knew that the final bill included just the parts and labor needed to bring the heater up to code and nothing more as I discovered that other companies wanted to replace items that were still serviceable. Excellent experience.



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